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With only a couple of days away from the official start of summer, we thought it would be a great idea to offer up some valuable insight into what is “trending” for makeup!  After scouring the major beauty and style sites, there are two major themes present: singular pops of color on the face and the “no makeup” makeup look. Making note of what legitimate movers and shakers in the industry are focusing on for the 2017 summer season, it seems like the nation is OVER the abundance of makeup the Kardashian’s once made popular. THANK GOD.*

*Disclaimer: Multimedia Makeup Academy will not judge, laugh or point at you if you still cling to your cream and powder contour kits. We promise.

So, let’s break it down…

 Pop of Color

There are many definitions of the word “pop”. From a makeup enthusiast point of view, “pop” is defined as a patch of bright color. The key word here is bright! So how can you stay on trend by implementing a pop of color without looking like Bozo the Clown?


Dont let your makeup be the stuff of nightmares kids. 

It’s all about a focal point. Pick one of the following: eyes, lips, or cheeks.


Wrong cheeks, nice pop of color though.

Color on the eyes

You have an option to focus on either liner OR shadow. To keep this look clean and fresh, do not do both. We’re not trying to create a rainbow here. 

Option #1- Bright colored eyeliner instead of the basic black. Go clean and graphic -OR- bring out your inner Rockstar and smudge it.

clean%20graphic%20electric%20blue%20linerteal smudge%20liner

                Graphic and clean.                                                          Rockstar smudgy. 

Option #2- ONE bright colored shadow instead of basic neutrals. Go bold and color block the lid -OR- play it safe with a color wash.

spring summer 2017 makeup trends subtle smokey eye makeup fashionisers2 comparison

           Color block.                          Color wash.

Color on the lips

Bright and bold!!!  The focus is on oranges, corals, fuchsias, and hot pinks in either matte or gloss finishes.


                                                                    Lipstick in shades of tropical flowers? Yes please!

Color on the cheeks

If you have been paying attention, blush bombing (a wink and a nod to the 80’s) is all the rage right now.  With the cheeks taking stage, select bright pinks and corals.

landscape 1475610867 elle pfw ss17 collections kenzo 00 index

                 To avoid looking like Jem and the Holograms, skip the lip and keep the cheek. 



Only choose one area for the pop of color!  Otherwise you defeat the purpose of the trend! The face should be mostly muted with the exception of your chosen “pop of color”! Keep the rest of the face clean, which brings us to the other major trend….


“No Makeup” Makeup Look

The idea behind this look is that you don’t appear to be wearing makeup at all when, makeup  is there. Here is how to get that “I woke up like this” look.

 landscape 1475610867 elle pfw ss17 collections kenzo 00 index

  • You want a clean glow, think dewy or satin finish with minimal foundation. Avoid heavy matte finishes as they are a dead giveaway tht you have makeup on.
  •  Natural lips are paramount to this look. Select a tinted lip balm to keep lips moisturized without looking overly dramatic. Stick to colors that are similar to your actual lips.
  •  No eyeshadow allowed! Or, if you must, apply natural, warm-neutral washes of color to provide shape while still looking like there isn’t any product on the lid at all.
  •  Blush should be natural to for your skin tone. The blush application and color should look like you are mildly embarrassed or if you really like blush- you ran a few miles with a 20lb backpack on!!
  •  Freckles are not an imperfection. If you have them, flaunt them. If you want them, create faux freckles! Just be careful not to over indulge and look like a theatrical character!
  •  Your eyebrows will take a back seat. When you have powder, pencil, and pomade in your brows it does not look natural. Instead, focus on shaping with clear gel and the slightest touch of power if you absolutely must.

A word of caution: Dewey does not mean that you load up on your shimmer! That trend is yesterday’s news. You want a natural glow not to look like a disco ball.   

Bringing it all together…

  • DO select a bright and bold color for your “pop of color”
  • DON’T use colors on more than one area (eye, lips, or cheeks)
  • DO keep everything as natural looking as possible when it comes to skin
  • DON’T get carried away with the shimmer to achieve a natural glow

We hope you to see YOUR face rocking these trends! Post online and use #mmamakeupacademy and you could be featured in a social media post! 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog: 2017 Summer Makeup Product Must Haves. 😉



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