A Makeup Academy for the Aspiring Makeup Professional

Most makeup enthusiasts struggle to build a fulfilling career as a makeup artist, so we’ve created a makeup academy that equips aspiring artists with the right training, coaching, and career guidance to support them throughout their journey and to assist them in becoming a sought after makeup artist.

A Multimedia Makeup Academy Training Sets You Apart.

At Multimedia Makeup Academy, we know that you have big dreams of becoming a sought after professional makeup artist. To thrive in today’s makeup industry, you need the training and coaching that gives you both the skills and confidence to succeed, whether at fashion week, at a client’s house, or on a film or commercial set as a special makeup fx artist.

The problem is that raw talent alone doesn’t open up opportunities to thrive in the ultra-competitive makeup industry. As a result, most makeup artists end up feeling frustrated, discouraged, and unfulfilled as they waste time and money in pursuing a career with little or no success.

We understand the frustration of passionate makeup enthusiasts, and we know it can feel overwhelming trying to do it on your own.

This is why we created Multimedia Makeup Academy, the academy where aspiring makeup artists get the training, coaching, and guidance needed to become sought after professional makeup artists.

Our graduates get hired to work on projects they love and are able to respectfully ask for the rate they deserve because of their vast skill set.

Here’s how we help our students build the makeup career of their dreams:

  • You will experience our blended learning style with our online learning, classroom instruction and live demonstrations.
  • You will learn from accomplished artist instructors who continue to mentor you even after graduation.
  • You receive rigorous training, coaching and guidance to master the skills needed to work at a professional level in today’s competitive makeup industry.

Here’s how to get started with enrollment:

  1. Fill out our short application to see if you’re a good fit for the Academy.
  2. Schedule your interview.
  3. Learn about the academy.
  4. Once accepted, you’ll receive the training, coaching and guidance you need to become celebrated and sought after professional makeup artist.

To your success!

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Our Mission

Multimedia Makeup Academy (MMA) is the premier resource for aspiring makeup artists. MMA is an innovator in the delivery methods and facilitation of professional makeup artistry. With on campus and online courses students are able to begin their journey towards their dream career of becoming a professional makeup artist. The academy focuses on student success by offering unlimited course revisiting, career placement services, volunteer opportunities, friendships through community gatherings, and continued support throughout their career. Multimedia Makeup Academy provides unparalleled access to professional makeup training and is distinguished by its commitment to student success beyond the classroom. Become a part of an elite group of artists by applying today.

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What Our Students Have to Say

For the past 10 years, Multimedia Makeup Academy has welcomed and trained over 1,000 aspiring makeup artists to become sought after professionals on feature films to the runways of Fashion Week.

"I just finished a feature film."

"This was not only the artistry, but it teaches you how to combine your artistry with your business"