Avant Garde Kit Recommendations

The following products are will be needed for class…

Hydrating Moisturizer
Professional foundation + cream concealer in a variety of skin tones
Black kohl liner
Black liquid liner
Cream highlighters
Powder bronzer
Neutral eye shadow palette – primarily matte
Colorful eye shadow palette – satin finish
Lip color-multiple colors for multiple skin tones
Lip liners – multiple colors for multiple skin tones
Clear Lip Gloss
Blush- raspberry to soft pink depending on client’s skin tone
Blush-muted for lighter skin tones, bright for deeper skin tones
Blush-orange to soft peach depending on client skin tone
Gabriella 110  or 120 lashes
Translucent Powder
Setting spray
Hair styling tools + Products
various materials – colored paper, ribbbon, sequins, jewels, etc.