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Slow Season Survival: 11 Things to Make Your Downtime Productive vs Panicky

It’s November and for a lot of artists, especially those who focus on private clients and weddings, this is the month where business begins to wind down.  By January, your calendar is wide open and things don’t start to pick up again until mid-April.  This year, MMA is bringing you a bi-monthly series: Slow-Season Survival, where…

Halloween Themed Events in Metro Detroit

Halloween Themed Events in Metro Detroit

Halloween is right around the corner! I thought I would give you a head start in finding all of the great events that are going on for the season. Here are some great local events for kids and adults. There are several Trick or Treating alternatives at library’s, churches and even car dealerships. Make sure…

side hustle

Side Hustle: Part Two

Welcome to week two of the SIDE HUSTLE series! Take a moment to read part one if you haven ‘t already! As promised, this week’s focus is on Multilevel Marketing and how it is KEY to your side hustle! Multilevel Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing- this amazing commerce structure has several names. Call it what you…