Tips & Insights for Aspiring Makeup Artists

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7 Careers You Can Have As An Expert Esthetician

If you’ve considered a future in esthetics, you’re probably wondering what type of career you can have. Expert estheticians can have a diverse profession with many options to choose from. Our Expert Esthetics program provides our students with a well-rounded education. It goes beyond the traditional skills like facials, waxing, and makeup. This program was built…

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How Additional Certifications Help Makeup Artists Flourish In Their Profession

Additional Certifications In our previous blog we explained the Core Program, and… if you remembered, we mentioned our additional certifications available at the academy. Today we will dig a little deeper into both of them and how they will benefit your career. Bridal Certification:  The biggest most important day to a lot of individuals is…


Slow Season Survival: 11 Things to Make Your Downtime Productive vs Panicky

It’s November and for a lot of artists, especially those who focus on private clients and weddings, this is the month where business begins to wind down.  By January, your calendar is wide open and things don’t start to pick up again until mid-April.  This year, MMA is bringing you a bi-monthly series: Slow-Season Survival, where…