CEW product winners

CEW Product WInners

What is CEW?

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) is a beauty community and organization based in New York who bring together over 9,000+ global passionate industry professionals of all levels who set forth to define the future of beauty and uncover insights that propel the industry forward, giving members of the community a competitive advantage. Think of CEW as the “Facebook” of the beauty industry.  CEW offers unparalleled access to industry influencers, opens doors and makes connections by creating networking opportunities amongst its members, all while inspiring the next generation who will shape the future of the industry. By creating a forum of collaboration, idea exchange and growth, CEW helps its members and the industry as a whole take empowered next steps towards a more beautiful future. If you plan on staying relevant and informed, then you need to plan on becoming a CEW member! 

 How do you become a CEW member?


You can be a part of the CEW movement by obtaining a membership via their website here: https://www.cew.org/eweb/dynamicpage.aspx?webcode=newusermbr&action=add&Site=CEW

What REALLY are the advantages of being a CEW member?

Once you become a member, you get INSTANT access to breaking industry news, business insights, career opportunities and an opportunity to network with an overflowing roster of other passionate, beauty-forward professionals. You also gain access to the following:


CEW’s Beauty Insider Series – reveals the powder of ideas to influence and inspire colleagues and gives a heads up on what’s happening next in the beauty industry.


CEW Member Connect – the first ever social media hub for CEW members allowing them to connect one-on-one and via discussion groups in real time.


CEW MentorMatch – the beauty industry’s ONLY online mentoring program that allows members to build mentoring relationships with leaders and leaders in the making.


CEW’s Beauty Career Center – the industry’s best resource for top talent, job opportunities and career development tips.

CEW also holds award ceremonies and exclusive events for its members.


CEW’s Beauty Insider Awards recognize the most innovative beauty products of the year. Winners of the award are selected by CEW’s U.S. members – 6,000+ beauty industry professionals who know beauty’s best. 

Let’s take a look at some of the 2017 CEW Beauty Insider Awards winners:


Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection



Description: In collaboration with blogger & YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill, the collection inspires cocktails of color and light for the perfect, customized #champagneglow. Launched May 2016.

Description of product’s online strategy and results/impact: The collection’s Face Palette—featuring the new Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed shade, Prosecco Pop, created by Jaclyn Hill—sold out all 41,000 units in just two hours. The blockbuster collection generated unprecedented social buzz with over one billion media impressions.


L’Oréal Paris*

Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation


Description: Lightweight foundation for dry and normal skin types that provides a fresh glow finish that will last 24 hours. Keeps skin hydrated, protected (contains SPGF) and fresh all day. Available in 12 shades. Beauty Bloggers, YouTubers and consumers alike were flocking to stores to get their hands on this product when it was first launched because it was ALL the rage.


NYX Professional Makeup*

Lip Lingerie


Description: A weightless liquid lipstick with a lush, matte finish. Available in 24 shades of sultry nudes and neutrals that will cover your lips in luscious, lightweight color.

 Product Innovation: Each stunning shade is enriched with vitamin E to help lips look and feel ultra-soft, unlike regular liquid lipsticks that can sometimes be very drying to the lips.


*Be sure to stay tuned to Multimedia Makeup Academy’s Facebook throughout the month of July to see MMA Instructor Artists Jen Coakley and Amy Martin discuss and demo these CEW winners via Facebook Live!

Click here to see full list of winners!

Here is a sneak peek at a few upcoming CEW member exclusive events:


Please make sure to check out CEW as it has SO MUCH information and SO MANY benefits! 

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