Five Spring Makeup Trends You Will Want to Try

Multimedia Makeup Academy put together a list of some spring makeup trends you won’t want to miss this season! These looks work great together or on their own. Either way, incorporating these into your makeup routine will assure your makeup is on point with the spring season.

Rosy Cheeks: 

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To start off our spring makeup trends, pull out your collection of blushes and go nuts. Being this year is all about highlighting natural subtle beauty. Blush is a huge enhancer of those natural rosy cheeks. Specifically try out the liquid/cream blushes and be generous when dabbing it across your cheekbones. Complete the look by making it look like you have been in the sun for days by placing a small swipe on the bridge of your nose. Add some mascara to this and your natural spring day in the sun is complete. ; ) Follow this link to an excellent liquid blush that is so simple to apply. 

Stained Lips:

Spring Makeup Trends - Stained Lip

To go along with those pink cheeks, apply some pink lipstick and blur it out just enough until you get a subtle stain of reddish pink lips. These stained lips also made the top trending for 2021 makeup looks. Red works great with this look too! Another approach to take is, applying red lipstick then rub it slightly and blot enough to get the red stained lip look. 

A Sprinkle of Shimmer:

Spring Makeup Trends - A Sprinkle of Shimmer

In 2021 we are seeing less shimmer on the face and more on the eyes! So, make the transition and shop for a shimmer shadow that will complete your spring look. This doesn’t have to be caked on. Keep it subtle and use your finger to apply to get a nice even shimmery eye. Follow this link to add this shimmer inspired look to your palette this spring. 

Pastels All Day: 

Spring Makeup Trends - Pastels

Nothing says spring like pastels, so why not incorporate them in your eye makeup. This spring makeup trend is sure to make an entrance. This can be a bold move. However, there is a way to apply it in a more subtle fashion. Start with a nude color on your lid and rather than jumping into a full lid of pastel color. Use a thin pastel liner! This mixed with the neutral lid color will be a subtle approach to incorporating pastels in your look. If you are unsure on how to apply your liner, check out this article from Cosmopolitan to master it. For those of you who are maybe bolder with your makeup routine, have fun with it and MIX & MATCH. Use a variety of pastels to pull the look together. 

Chocolate SMOKY Eye: 

Chocolate Smoky Eye

Want to dress up that spring dress in your closet? Then this makeup trend is perfect for you. Bringing us to our next spring makeup trend. Warm it up this spring with a chocolate smoky eye. This is a nice change to the traditional black smoky eye. This look will fit perfectly with any spring evening. Try this palette from Maybelline which comes with all the shades you will need to accomplish a chocolate smoky eye. 

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