Gen Z: The New Entrepreneurs

A survey was conducted in 2021 by EY Ripples and JA Worldwide teams. Over 6,000 Gen Zers were surveyed. What they found was that this generation is drastically changing their views and actions towards education, and working their way up the corporate ladder. What once was the way of “doing things” is now being challenged by a Gen Z, fearless of wealth. Gen Z is more inspired by happiness and making a difference. 

What Gen Z Wants To See More Of

Gen Zer & the digital age

When asked how the education system could be improved, 59% of respondents said that they prefer greater training and learning opportunities to real life work. 57% want to see more mentorship starting at a younger age to better prepare them for the real world. With new trends such as globalization, automation, and the shifting of work norms is shaping the future. 78% of Gen Zers feel positive about this change. It appears that in 2030 Gen Z is going to make sure of it by taking their own entrepreneurial approach.

Gen Z & The Digital Age of Success

Cosmetology student doing hair tutorial

Gen Z is being called the MOST entrepreneurial generation ever. 62% of Gen Zers stated they have or plan on starting their own business. Some have already started down this journey through new innovations. Becoming a complete success through being an influencer on YouTube and making more money than their parents did working at a corporate job for 30+ years. 

Why Gen Zers Want To Become Their Own Leader

Gen Z has seen the effect of stress and working for someone or something you are not passionate about. Gen Z is inspired to do something different and build their own happiness. With living in the age of technology Gen Zers are using it to their advantage. Whether that means being an influencer, streamer, Etsy shop owner, app creator… the list goes on. These are all careers that can easily send a message to a HUGE array of audiences. Which leads into the next topic, making a difference. 

The Beauty + Film Industry: How it applies to Gen Zers

Hair stylist drying woman's hair

Gen Z is a generation that wants to incorporate their passion into what they do. For example; Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology + Special FX is a perfect example of a school offering training in a career Gen Zers can pursue and be their own creator. The beauty and film industry is one that can distribute a message with a bang. Talk about making a difference, sending a message, and using a creative edge to change and influence the world. This is an industry that has the ability to do it, and Gen Z has the potential to be the leader of their own career. 

In conclusion unlike other beauty schools MMA offers what you need to become the creator of your own success. Where Gen Zers will Learn how to uniquely brand themselves and build their own start-up as a freelance makeup artist, stylist, brand consultant or beauty expert as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. 

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