Makeup Madness Tournament

Makeup Madness Tournament

Greetings and salutations! Multimedia Makeup Academy wants to continue to find ways to have some fun and what better way than some friendly competition?

In honor of the normal bracket craziness that usually takes place in March, let’s put a makeup spin on the idea and vote on our FAVORITE MAKEUP PRODUCTS!

You can actually head to our tournament page, right now, and vote on eight different makeup product match ups.

But if you aren’t familiar with everything, our Makeup Academy instructors gave us a little snip it for each one of their favorites and why you should be voting for that product.

What’s in it for you? Well…a bit of fun…AND…a chance to win the product of your choosing! So you need to make sure you and your friends are voting for the products, so the product you’d like to take home is crowned the grand master of all products!

So continue scrolling to get some details on these products and then head on over to the tournament page to vote for your favorite!


Makeup Madness Products

From Jen Coakley:

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

jen- smooth-operator-Amazonian-clay powder

I have used this finishing powder now for almost 2 years and have yet to find ANYTHING like it. It is the only powder that prevents my under eyes from creasing. It has a flour like consistency, which makes my under eye appear VERY smooth and soft. There’s also no flashback with this powder, which I LOVE! I also finish my whole face with this powder and it gives me a perfect 6 hour wear (which may not seem like a lot, but considering brands market 24 hour wear and that NEVER happens, I’ll take the 6 hours gladly).

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:

jen- all nighter setting spray

It’s right in the title; All Nighter… and it does EXACTLY that. Especially once paired with other products that help the longevity of your makeup, this setting spray just seals the deal (literally and figuratively). I have noticed that you get the most impact out of the spray if you generously spray a full layer all over (as if your face was completely covered with water).

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

jen- Pro-Glow foundation

his is HANDS DOWN the BEST foundation I have ever used. It feels like a high-end foundation, but at an incredibly affordable price. It has buildable coverage and leaves such a beautiful sheen to the skin. Even if you’re typically oily, you CAN still wear this foundation by setting it generously with powder and the subtle sheen peaks through throughout the day and does NOT look greasy! Everyone I’ve talked to about this foundation has tried it and fell in love with is also!

From Sami:

Beauty Blender

sami- beauty blender

The first, the best, the original. Since its introduction in 2003, the Beauty Blender has changed the makeup game for good. Easy to clean, use, and reuse while providing a flawless finish. Its exclusive material composition provides an airbrushed application and absorbs minimal product, so your favorite foundation formula lands on your complexion, not your sponge.

Parian Spirit

sami- parian spirit

Every good makeup artist knows how important it is to clean their brushes, so why not use the best brush cleaner? After extensive antibacterial lab tests, it was found that Parian Spirit had the strongest disinfecting properties among all of the leading makeup brush cleaners. Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that cut through oil-based makeup and adhesives, but remains gentle to natural and synthetic hair bristles. After removing oils from your makeup brush bristles, Parian Spirit reconditions and returns them to their natural sheen and luster, leaving a slight, pleasant citrus aroma.

Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control Cream

sami- blot_out_offensive

This is not your average primer… it’s better! This pore minimizing, non-clogging, cream controls oil secretions and provides an anti-shine barrier slowing degradation of makeup. Bridal and film artists alike love this HD primer because it provides up to 12 hours of holding power on all skin types. It provides a long-lasting matte canvas and the tact necessary to hold all types of makeup. As an added bonus, it’s vegan, safe for sensitive skin, does not contain any added colors or fragrances, and is free of cruelty, parabens, and silicone!

From Kathleen

First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads

kathleen- fab radiance pads

I cannot live without these exfoliating pads! They gently exfoliate skin with glycolic and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells and help me work from a clean, smooth surface. They are gentle enough to use every day, twice a day and are free of fragrance and parabens. Personally, you’ll never catch me without a backup stash and as for my bridal kit, you can always find them in there too! I’ve used these on so many clients before makeup application to help me work on top of an array of skin types and textures. Because of their clean ingredients, I feel comfortable using them on almost every skin.  I can always count on them to be my first step for a skin care prep.

Ben Nye’s Final Seal

kathleen- final seal

When they named this product Final Seal…they weren’t joking. I found this setting spray years ago after researching products that provide longevity– I have an oily skin type so I’m constantly on the hunt for products that help my makeup last all day.  I’ve used this product both personally and professionally since I started doing makeup and have never strayed. The spray provides users with a smudge-proof and water resistant wear all day–perfect for emotional brides! The price is fair and as a professional, you can almost always find it at a professional discount.

Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Baked Powder

kathleen- matte radiance baked powder

As a bridal artist, I’m always looking to create that “lit from within” glow for brides on their special day. That’s why I can’t finish a full face without a light layer of this glow powder. The name is an oxymoron, because this product provides an ultra-smooth, buildable glow that never looks chunky or theatrical. I can lightly use this powder all over on a dry skin client, or just in specific areas on the face on an oilier skin– it’s great that the formula is fragrance free and dermatologist tested too. Providing brides with longevity of their makeup is key, so sometimes, applying translucent powder can make the face looks a bit lifeless. This powder brings color and glow back to the face instantly. It also comes in multiple hues for an array of skin tones!

From Nicole:

Stila Stay All Day Matte Lipstick

nicole- stay all day lipstick

This is by far my favorite liquid lipstick (Ive tried basically all of them). The formula applies creamy and is able to be blended but then dries down to a matte finish.  Along with the popular matte finish they also have satin and shimmer finishes available.  All of the lip colors are full coverage and have bold pigments creating a standout lip application! These are a perfect addition to a makeup kit since they are lightweight on the lips, do not transfer and stay on for up to 12 hours! My favorite shade is BESO it is the PERFECT Red Lip!

Green Marble SeLr Spray

nicole- green marble selr

This is the most durable sealer on the market! Perfect for film work when you have to keep a makeup intact on an actor that might be wearing it all day or in a hot and sweaty situation. When you spray this product on top of your makeup as it dries down it becomes alcohol resistant. Along with this product you can layer more product on top of it and not worry about moving the product underneath. On top of the amazing properties of this spray it smells pretty good too!

Inglot Gel Liner

nicole- inglot gel liner

If you are looking for a gel liner that isn’t going to move on you, smudge or transfer look no further! Inglot Gel Liner is basically bullet proof and will dry down and stay put. Whether you are using this for a basic tapered liner or getting creative with a graphic liner this product will be your best friend! The black liner color is a true black and doesn’t turn gray or blue when it is applied. They also make this product in a TON of fun colors so you aren’t stuck to the typical black, brown and white products.

From Christina

EBA Performance Encore Alcohol Activated Palettes

christina- encore alcohol palette

There are MANY alcohol activated palettes out on the market, and I’ve tried most of them. EBA’s palettes stand out for many reasons: They don’t smell like old crayons (talent notices weird smells coming from you palettes everyone), the finish is much more matte then many of the other brands (you can’t have light bouncing off of your paint job, it distorts it), and they are DURABLE!!! The best part is you can purchase curated palettes OR design your own! The pans are magnetic and can be popped in or out to switch up your colors!

EBA Transfusion Blood Line

christina- Transfusion Blood

Another product standout from EBA Performance! Transfusion blood meets demand for a completely waterproof and fast drying blood that doesn’t move, yet, provides a long lasting fresh wet look. It comes in a variety of colors that you can layer to achieve realistic blood effects that look beautiful on camera. Once dry, this product does not budge! In fact, I have had actors sneak off from set before I could remove their makeup only to have them contact me later because soap and water wouldn’t work and it was still on!

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

christina- KUSH Mascara

I love so many things about this mascara: It contains plant-derived oils that nourish your lashes and provide volume at the same time, I never have fallout at the end of the day, and the tapered, tree-shaped brush coats and lifts every single lash from root to tip for a defined, clump-free effect. The best part- you can layer on for added intensity without globs. I swear my lashes are longer after switching to this mascara!

Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel

christina- kryolan brow gel

Sometimes you want hold on frisky brows without added color. Enter Kryolan’s Eyebrow Forming Gel!  It is a transparent gel for eyebrow styling. Dries fast and invisibly. This is the only product I’ve used that provides hold to styled eyebrows for hours. Usually to get this level of hold, one must resort to using a product not meant for brows that may irritate the skin!

Tournament Next Steps

Now, like we stated at the top of the page, it’s time for you to get out and vote! This will be good practice for November.

Head to our Tournament Landing Page and tell us who you think is the top makeup product!

Then share it on social media (and make sure you tell your friends and family who to vote for), so the product you’d like to take home is crowned champion!

Have fun!


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