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 Makeup Tradeshows: Deals or No Deals

For working makeup artists, trade show time is like Christmas! We make a list, check it twice and of course… buy everything but what was on our list to begin with. But are the deals pro makeup artists receive at trade shows really worth the hustle and bustle of the expenses involved to travel to the trade show… if it isn’t local?


First let’s start with talking about trade shows in general. There are several different shows one can attend, however the most popular trade shows for makeup artists are:

IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show): New York, London, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles

The Makeup Show: Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and Chicago

Generation Beauty by Ipsy: Toronto, San Francisco and New York


IMATS logo

IMATS provides a balanced combination of beauty and special effects products for makeup artists to purchase, as well as demos with industry professional artists and student competitions for spectators to watch.

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The Makeup Show Logo 1

The Makeup Show is geared more towards education for makeup artists, but also has products available mostly for beauty makeup applications.




Generation Beauty is run by Ipsy (a monthly makeup bag subscription showcasing different beauty product samples) and is a trade show solely focusing on products – specifically products associated with Ipsy.



Now that we have an idea of what professional makeup artist trade shows are, let’s talk about the “deals”.

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ll know that you are able to find a lot of pro products at discounted prices (even more discounted than standard pro discounts which can range from 20%-40% off retail pricing).

Are there specific deals you should be looking for? Of course! Working makeup artists who solely depend on working on clients for income will go through product a lot more than an artist who only freelances here and there.

So what are the kinds of products that artists use the most? DISPOSABLES. You can NEVER have enough disposables because it allows you to be sanitary and lessens the clean up time in between clients. Speaking from experience, trade shows have the BEST deals on disposables and anything that you need a large bulk of, for example, false eyelashes, brushes, sanitary products, etc.


There will definitely be other products at discounted pricing, BUT, the best bang you will get for your buck is special bundled pricing items and bulk items.


Have you ever been to a makeup trade show? What was the best deal you found? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned for next Monday’s blog post (hint: the whole month of August will be solely focusing on makeup tools).

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