No-Makeup-Makeup Is The New GoTo Look This Fall

What is no-makeup-makeup? It is the art of applying subtlety to your daily makeup routine. Applying makeup to be light and translucent. Appearing as though you don’t have makeup on when really you have it on in all the right places and applied properly. This is harder than it sounds. In order to accomplish this “look” you need the proper foundation for your specific skin type.

There is more that goes into it that meets the eye. However, the outcome is a beautiful flawless natural look. Allowing more people to feel comfortable in their own skin without fully changing their appearance too drastically. 

BB Cream Vs. Foundation

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Let’s dive in! Normally you may be using a dozen different makeup products on the daily. This no-makeup-makeup routine will require much less product and more focus on the application. 

To start the perfect foundation is crucial, even more popular these days is BB cream. This is an alternative to normal foundation and provides a more subtle coverage. It also has more benefits to keeping your skin hydrated, glowing and healthy. This is also dependent on the specific brand you choose. Some recommended brands of BB cream include the following; IT Cosmetics, Dr. Jart+ and Tarte.

Another benefit of using BB cream is that the majority of them contain sunscreen to protect your skin. Foundation will provide more full coverage and less of the natural dewy look. If you want more coverage using BB cream, you can simply apply thin layers in specific spots you may want more full coverage. 

How To Create The No-Makeup-Makeup Look

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Less is more when creating this look. Now that you have selected your BB cream the rest is routine application. Apply your primer per usual, then apply your BB cream. Rather than contouring apply a small amount of a natural pink blush to your cheeks. Then set your makeup, this will avoid it looking too oily, and it will last longer. 

The eyes are up next! Eyeliner is not necessary to accomplish this look. Making sure your lashes are long and full will make up for it. Sparkle lids are all the rage as well. Find a translucent shimmery shadow to apply to your lids. Then you’re just about done! Lastly make those brows pop! Make sure they are well groomed and full.

That’s all, now you are ready to go out. Doing so feeling confident in your natural skin, as all you did was emphasize your natural beauty. This is great for daily makeup saving those other more defined killer makeup looks for the nights out! 
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