Romantic and Popular Valentine’s Day Beauty Looks for 2022

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re all eager to look our absolute best. Whether you’re going out with a significant other for dinner or with a group of friends for drinks, keeping yourself stylish and beautiful is always on the agenda. There are many Valentine’s Day beauty looks to choose from, but we’ve selected four looks to help you narrow down your choices. Read on to see The Academy’s top five different beauty looks that anyone can rock for Valentine’s Day this year.

Soft, Delicate, and Romantic

Beauty looks
Image: woman in pink dress with soft, light-colored makeup

Our first beauty look focuses on soft shades of makeup and hairstyles that draw attention to the face. Lighter shades help to achieve a more romantic and cute look for Valentine’s Day, perfect for celebrating tender and wholesome love with your special someone. For a more delicate appearance, shades of pink and light neutral colors work best for the eyes. A pink blush or highlighter along the cheek bone gives a sweet and radiant glow to your face. Finish this beauty look off with a shade of pink for your lips. Lip glosses may work best here to give your lips a supple and inviting shimmer.

If you want to add a little spice to this beauty look, white eyeliner compliments it perfectly. While not as common as black eyeliner, it can achieve the same goal but without the striking qualities of the color black. White eyeliner can bring an eye-catching look to your makeup while simultaneously keeping your look sweet and light.

For this beauty look, you’d want to style your hair in a way that keeps it out of your face. Hairstyles like buns are perfect here because of their versatility. Buns let you keep your hair tidily pulled back, but you can also pull strands down for a face frame. Twists and braids of a bun on their own are always pretty, so they can go hand-in-hand with our soft, delicate, and romantic themed beauty look this Valentine’s Day.

Bold, Sexy, and Alluring

beauty looks
 image: woman with dark toned makeup and curly hair

If the soft and delicate look isn’t the look for you, then our next beauty look might be more your style. A romantic look can be more than just sweet and delicate. Romance can also be bold and alluring. The theme of our second beauty look is just that: striking and sexy. Let’s swap out the rosy pinks and glossy shimmering lips from our first look into more assertive shades of color.

Dark neutral tones are excellent on the eyes for this beauty look. Black eyeliner is highly recommended for how definite and striking it can be around the eyes. Purple also fits the Valentine’s Day palette, but be careful not to go too dark. Next, red  is the perfect color for your lips when it comes to this beauty look since it has always been a captivating and romantic color. With darker shades and a beautiful red on your lips, you’re ready for a night out that will have your date enraptured.

To fit the theme of this beauty look, you’ll want to style your hair around your face. This darker look can invoke mystery or curiosity, and hair that falls close to the face contributes to that vibe. Hairstyles like waves or curls are perfect for this because of their volume. As Damien from Mean Girls once said, big hair is full of secrets! Volumized hair is a complementary addition to this Valentine’s Day beauty look to make your appearance bold, sexy, and alluring.

Fun, Creative, and Artsy

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image: smiling woman with makeup hearts on her cheeks

Our third beauty look lets personality shine through the art of makeup! A popular trend right now that’s all over TikTok is hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Using colored eyeliner or pencils, you can design and draw hearts. Whether on your eyelids or around your eyes, getting creative with your heart designs fits you right into Valentine’s Day beauty trends.

Gemstones are also a fun way to add some glam to your V-Day look. Colourpop has a nice selection of face jewels, but you can also use dollar store gems if you have a tight budget. You can style them in any pattern and design around your eyes or on your face. Additionally, they work well with any beauty look, whether you’re creating your own or you’re trying one of ours.

Simple, Natural, and You

beauty looks
image: woman with natural hair and little makeup

If you prefer a more natural look, though, then you’re in luck! A natural look is beautiful on anyone and is always on trend. To achieve this look, simple eyeshadow with glitter or shimmer works great, and no eyeliner is necessary. Instead of going through all the layers of makeup for your face, BB cream is perfect for a nice finish with little effort. To top off this natural beauty look, you can add chapstick or a simple lip gloss for your lips, and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

While any beauty look will make you beautifully shine on Valentine’s day, our makeup themes are sure to make you look on trend and in the romantic spirit. Soft, delicate and romantic is perfect for inspiring love, while bold, sexy, and alluring is sure to keep you the center of attention. Creativity is always fun with holiday beauty looks, and a natural look is classic and timeless. Most importantly, though, have fun with your hair and makeup!

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