Master Cosmetology ProgramFocus: Film + Special FX

The Master Cosmetology Program trains students to create out-of-the-kit special fx, life cast, sculpt, and produce prosthetics varying from hiding mechanisms for trauma, to characters, and fantasy creatures.

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Master Cosmetology Program:
Special Effects Artistry & Imagination

Professional Hair + Makeup Career in Film Industry

Graduates that successfully complete The Master Cosmetology Program and the projects necessary for certification can embark on feature films, commercial theatrical productions, creative director positions, makeup head positions at haunted attractions, or any special fx opportunity that involves creating characters by sculpting, mold making and casting.

Special FX Makeup Guide

All you need to know about Special FX Makeup Courses.

What is Special FX Makeup?

While it’s true that all makeup creates an “effect”, the differentiation in special effects versus beauty makeup occurs in crediting for film where it differentiates “prosthetic” makeup from “straight” style makeup. Beauty makeup enhances. Any makeup involving 2D or 3D materials utilized to create an illusion of sorts, whether it be old age, trauma or creatures is considered Special FX makeup. Using paint alone to create the illusion of increased age, sickness, realistic tattoos, old scars, fresh cuts, and the like can be just as impactful as applying prosthetics to create advanced age, disguise features, and fantasy or horror creatures.

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SFX Makeup Tools and Materials

To properly carry out special makeup effects, a special makeup artist must-have materials that are outside of a regular makeup artist’s kit. Besides sanitation items and “regular” makeup items such as alcohol activated paints, face paints, fake blood, rigid collodion, scar wax, 2 part silicone, gelatin, and a variety of adhesives are necessary.

For a Special FX artist who also works in a shop environment then items such as lifecasting, sculpting, moldmaking, and casting materials are needed. Space to create amazing effects is also a must when working pre-production on a film as artists may have to work on multiple effects for one project!

Is It Worth Going to Special FX Makeup School?

There are many colleges and universities that offer theatrical makeup courses as part of a degree program but this does not mean that the focus is on a comprehensive special effects makeup education. Attending an institution that focuses on special effects and (if you have zero experience) offers special effects makeup courses for beginners will provide an all-encompassing education that prepares the artist for the rigors of working in the industry. Not all special effects makeup schools are created equal, each special fx makeup school may have a slightly different area of focus after covering the basics such as animatronics, 3D modeling, or prosthetic teeth as an example. A careful review of the courses offered at each special fx makeup school to ensure their focus aligns with your goals is recommended before applying at any institution.

Why Study SFX Makeup at Multimedia Makeup Academy?

Multimedia Makeup Academy’ provides comprehensive training for every future FX artist. Our special effects courses focus heavily on processes and safety to ensure that the artist understands not only how to achieve required effect but more importantly, how to achieve it safely for all involved. All future fx artists are also provided knowledge on how to start their own business while navigating the rigors of working in film through a very specific business class curriculum!

SFX Makeup Online Courses

Online special effects makeup courses are another option for those wishing to learn special fx makeup but cannot attend an on-campus special fx makeup school due to various circumstances. The advantage of online learning is that course work can be completed at any time or any place.

If you work full time or attend additional schooling there is no need to reschedule anything, online special fx classes have flexible scheduling! If you are interested in learning more about online special fx courses, complete the form below join our email list. Online Special FX courses are coming soon to the academy.

The Main Results of FX Makeup Course

Upon completion of any special fx makeup education, you should have complete knowledge of the following: out of the kit 2D and 3D effects, prosthetic application, life casting, sculpting and mold making with various mediums such as silicone and cement. Completing a program at a special fx makeup school should also provide you with a certificate of completion. Your certification showcases to clients and future employers that you are fully committed to the art and safe application of Special FX makeup.

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How to Apply for SFX Makeup Classes?

There is no previous experience needed to become a student at the academy! If you are interested in becoming a special effects makeup artist, then all that is necessary is to apply. Applicants must be at least 17 years old with proof of being currently enrolled in school or a high school diploma. You must submit your $100 application fee and application, as well as, complete an admissions interview with your advisor in order to be considered.

1. Apply

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2. Interview

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