Esthetics Master Program

The program for aspiring estheticians and master makeup artists.

The Esthetics Master Program is The Academy’s complete offering of makeup courses paired with Esthetics. It includes the Bridal Makeup, Media Makeup, Special FX, and the addition of the Content Creator Certification.

The Esthetics Master Program provides you with the most well-rounded education to enter the career world of Esthetics and become a Master Makeup Artist!

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Esthetics Master Program Curriculum

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  • Extensive Facial Knowledge
  • Extensive Facial Anatomy
  • Brow Design
  • Brow Laminating
  • Brow Henna
  • Lash Perm
  • Lash Tint
  • Lash Extensions
  • Spray Tanning
  • Face and Body Waxing


The core of the Esthetics Master program is designed to provide the student with extensive knowledge on facial, lash, brow and makeup services.  Throughout the program students will be exposed to a variety of skin textures, colors, and firmness to gain industry experience and be prepared to service any client. Students will learn the art of brow design, and enhancements that you see featured in most beauty salons. Lash services and extensions are also included to eliminate any additional classes post graduation.

Beauty Makeup

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This course begins online in an interactive training format designed to equip students with the fundamentals of artistry and provide feedback on execution before attending on-campus classes. Through a series of audio, text, video content and interactive tools, you will learn color theory, foundation matching, sanitation, tool selection and use, basic contour and highlight skills, and accurate placement for every facial feature.

Once online coursework is completed, student work is assessed by an instructor so that on the first day of on-campus class, students can begin practicing makeup application.

  • Makeup Essentials Online Course – 19.5hrs
  • Sanitation, Product & Tools, Kit Focus, Color Theory, Skin Prep & Set, General Facial Anatomy, Foundation Matching, Color Correction, Eye Components, Brow Application, Lash Application, Beauty Application, Facial Zones, Skin Types, Brow Correction, Shadow Placement for Eye Components, Lash Application for Eye Components, Color Harmony for a Full Application
  • Makeup Essentials Practical – 19.5hrs
  • Online course subjects; Practical training

Airbrush is a staple technique for any aspiring artist. This course teaches students the art of applying makeup without the use of brushes. Using the airbrush compressor, gun, and product, students learn to apply color correction, foundation, contour, highlight and blush.

  • Airbrush Fundamentals – 19.5hrs
  • Equipment Knowledge, Product Knowledge, Airbrush Techniques, Foundation Matching, Color Correction, Highlight & Contour, Full Application, Airbrush Maintenance

This course is designed to take beauty skills to the next level through training on advanced contouring techniques, mature and age-appropriate makeup, trending makeup styles and technique, creating custom foundations, and manipulating tools and textures to create glamorous makeup looks.

  • Advanced Artistry – 39hrs
  • Texture & Finishes, Advanced Product Knowledge & Specialty Tools, Smokey Eye Techniques, Advanced Eyeliner Techniques, Trending Makeup, Mature & Age Appropriate Applications, Foundation Building, Advanced Anatomy, Shading Techniques & Tools, Contour/Highlight with Powder & Creams, Nose Contour, Multiple Contouring Techniques: Reverse; Two-Tier; Trending; Corrective; and Transformative

This course incorporates all skills learned in every previous class, while challenging students to improve speed, ease of application, and creative ability to incorporate multiple techniques in one look and effectively execute looks in an ergonomic environment.

  • Comprehensive Beauty – 19.50hrs
  • This course incorporates all skills learned in MUE, ADVANCED ARTISTRY, and AIRBRUSH FUNDAMENTALS through demonstration and practical learning

This course provides students with a business start-up plan. Establishing your brand, website, mission, vision, marketing strategies and setting goals are all a part of how students will prepare for a successful career.

  • Business I Online Course – 19.50hrs
  • Complete Business Startup, Branding, Marketing, Mission & Vision Statements, Branding Your Business, Marketing Your Business, Taxes for Freelancers, Building a Website, Resumes & Job Hunting, Business Ethics, Intro to Rates, Developing a Portfolio & TFP Shoots, Setting Goals, Registering Your Business
  • Business I Practical – 19.5
  • Online Course Subjects; Practical Training

This course is designed to equip students with the skills to execute a variety of bridal looks for all styles and seasons, based on the client’s needs, and incorporating both airbrush and traditional techniques.

  • Bridal Media I  – 19.50hrs
  • English Rose Bridal Look, Beach Bronzed Bridal Look, South Asian Bridal (Modern & Traditional), Natural Bride, Creating A Professional Bridal Kit (Needs Vs. Wants), Destination Weddings, Waterproof Makeup, Traveling with Your Kit, Adjusting Looks for Drama (Bump-Ups), Lash Styles & How to Choose The Right Lash For Your Look

Students will learn pro products for bridal work, popular bridal looks, how to present themselves and communicate professionally, and how to create a customized look for each client.

  • Bridal Media – 19.50hrs
  • Classic Vintage Bride, Bridal Smoky, Romantic Smoky, Middle Eastern Bridal (Modern & Traditional), Lash Stacking, Reacting to Client Requests, Reacting to Client Feedback, Quick Fixes and Shortcuts, Product Substitutions, Setting Up Your Kit In Any Situation, Kit Intensive Review

This course is designed to help develop students into business professionals. Each class meeting students will engage in-class discussion, group activities and self-reflection. Students will learn how to start building a clientele, how to create a bridal menu of services, budgeting, and setting rates to insure bridal business success.

  • Business II – 19.50hrs
  • Consultations, Bridal Contracts, Creating Menu of Services, Creating Client Intake Forms, Client Communication Skills


In this course students will learn how to minimize texture from scarring and acne, how to cover vibrant colors for skin conditions like a port wine stains and vitiligo. In addition, they will learn tattoo cover up and realistic camouflage for the high demands of HD.

  • Camouflage – 13hrs
  • Product Knowledge, Water Resistant vs Waterproof, Traditional Method, High Definition Technology & Products, Covering Vibrant Colors, Minimizing Texture, Realistic Camouflage, and HD Applications

Students will take a trip through history to learn about and execute looks from every decade ranging from the 1920s-1970s. Skills like brow blocking and HD makeup are essential for learning to create these classic looks for modern times.

  • Vintage Beauty – 19.50hrs
  • Era History 20s-70s, Era Icons, Era Appropriate Colors, Product Choices, Brow Correction, Lighting & Photography, Set Layout, 20s-70s Look Replications, Modern Interpretations, Brow Blocking, and HD Product Knowledge

In this course students will be equipped with the knowledge to determine the differences between trade versus paid work, how to understand and negotiate commercial rates, learn photo-shoot etiquette in order to effectively work with talent, creative teams and high profile clients.

  • Business III – 19.50hrs
  • Commercial Rates, Negotiations, Studio Etiquette

This course is a compilation of skills needed to work on photo shoots, ad campaigns, bridal, commercial shoots and runway shows. Editorial, clean beauty and runway makeup skills are taught to equip students to meet the demands of an ever-changing part of the makeup industry. Men’s Grooming and women’s styling accompany the makeup technique taught to complete a comprehensive look. The final course project is a photo-shoot that incorporates all skills learned in the classroom.

  • Multimedia – 58.50hrs
  • Editorial Shoots, Clean Beauty Shoots, Runway, Men’s Grooming, Women’s Styling, Location Shoots, Androgyny, Beauty Stories, Mock Photoshoot

This course is designed to equip students with the creative knowledge to execute conceptual Avant Garde designs. Students will learn the difference between inspiration and imitation, the pioneers of Avant Garde looks, how to conceptualize their designs, and how to incorporate unusual products into their makeups while maintaining a high level of integrity.

  • Avant Garde – 19.5hrs
  • Innovative Product Usage, Design Elements, 3D Material Incorporation, Intro to Conceptual Imagery

Special FX Makeup

The principles for design, blending, and coloring techniques will be taught through hands-on appliance building and painting. Students will gain an understanding of FX history as a source of inspiration.

The primary focus of this course is on realistic trauma and out of the kit effects while learning the best techniques for 3D transfers and silicone and slab mold making.

  • Intro to FX – 58.50hrs
  • FX Blending Techniques, FX History, Hand Building Application, Wax, Rigid Collodion, Latex FX, Mold Making Materials, 3D Transfer Techniques, Appliance Coloring, Silicone Mold Making, Slab Mold Making

This course adds to fundamental beauty airbrush training by equipping students to execute fantasy and character airbrush applications. Focusing on dual-action techniques, they will learn how to layer colors, add texture to the human form as well as how to airbrush appliances.

  • FX Airbrush – 19.50hrs
  • Product Knowledge, Airbrush Basics, Full Application, Even Coverage, Airbrush Maintenance, Textural Techniques, Fantasy Airbrush, Airbrushing Appliances, Dual Action Technique

Students first gain knowledge on the importance of ensuring talent safety and taking precautions. The course consists of the process of preparing the life casting  product, area, and model. Students will cast with alginate and refine the life cast upon completion.

  • Life Casting  – 19.50hrs
  • Life Casting Safety, Material Knowledge, Prepping your area, Prepping your model, Casting with Alginate, Life Cast Refinement

This course equips the student with an understanding of how to navigate through and establish rapport in networking environments in order to book work. A review of deal memos, film set etiquette, budgeting, and script breakdowns make this course integral in order to secure work as a makeup fx artist.

  • Business IV  – 19.50hrs
  • Business of Film, Set Etiquette, Budget Proposals and Networking

This course covers all the basics of sculpting prosthetic appliances: tool knowledge, how to source proper inspiration, sculpting techniques, and how to alter facial anatomy in order to create believable creatures. Students will conceptualize their design, sculpt to create clay formations, learn to block out form, refine their sculpt and create texture.

  • Sculpting –  19.50hrs
  • Sculpting Tool Knowledge, Facial Anatomy, Clay Formations, Blocking Out Form, Sculpting Refinement, Creating Texture

This course consists of learning to sculpt character pieces with new technique. Designing a character is the first part of the process. The next step- sculpting, and casting the piece in silicone brings the character into being. Students will obtain the skills needed to create multi-piece molds and complete the course project by the casting, application and coloring of the silicone appliances.

  • Character Makeup –  19.50hrs
  • Character Sculpting Techniques, Character Design, Multiple Piece Molds, Casting in Silicone, Gluing Appliances, Coloring Silicone

Diversifying the student’s knowledge and use of FX materials such as acrylics and silicone, allows them to better meet any demands in the industry.  Students will learn two different techniques to create prosthetic teeth. Through dental casting and sculpting, students will create the final touch that will take their creations to the next level.

  • Prosthetic Teeth – 19.50hrs
  • Dental Casting, Silicone Molds, Dental Sculpting, Casting with Acrylics

Taking the skills of concept and design further, students will learn new techniques for casting and sculpting.  Creating a 3-piece mold with ultracal and injecting casting material into the mold will produce pieces to enhance projects such as ear prosthetics or character props.

  • Core Mold Making – 19.50hrs
  • Core Casting, Sculpting Ear Appliances, Creating 3 Piece Core Molds with Ultra Cal, Foam Latex Injection Molding

This is the culmination of the FX program. Preparing a sculpture for the molding process is the first step. Creating two-piece Ultra Cal molds and running the foam latex is the process of completing the piece. Then, the skill of applying the foam latex appliances combined with blending techniques will ensure the student’s creature reads realistic on camera.

  • Creature Makeup – 19.50hrs
  • Sculpting & Mold Prep, Importance of Mold Design, Two-Piece Ultra Cal Molds, Running Foam Latex, Applying Foam Latex Appliances


Content Creator Certification

Certification Classes

This course is designed to equip students with the skills to execute quality photos for their makeup and special fx portfolio. While our programs primarily focus on the art of makeup and special fx, a key element to success is being able to showcase your work. In Intro to Photography, students will learn how to use the resources around them to create engaging, dynamic photos that will be perfect for their portfolios and social media. This course will include camera usage, editing workshops, and graphical best practices.

  • Photography + Editing – 19.5 hrs
  • Camera vs. Cell Phone, Point + Shoot vs. DSLR, Basic Lighting Styles, Manual Mode, Pro Mode Settings, Retouching, Lightroom, Photoshop, GIMPShop

This course is designed to equip students with the skills to execute quality video showcasing their makeup and special effects work. While our programs primarily focus on the art of makeup and special fx, a key element to success is being able to showcase your work. In Intro to Video + Editing, students will learn how to use the resources around them to create impressive videos suitable for websites and multiple social media platforms. This course will include camera usage, editing workshops, and graphical best practices.

  • Video + Editing – 19.5 hrs
  • Camera vs. Cell Phone, DSLR vs. Camcorders, Lighting for Video, Conceptualization, Adjusting Audio, Editing Basics, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, Video Phone Apps

This course is designed to equip students with the skills to execute quality photos for their makeup and special fx portfolios. While our programs primarily focus on the art of makeup and special fx, a key element to success is being able to showcase your work. With Social Media Marketing, students will combine skills learned in the previous classes to create Social Media posts and campaigns that can circumvent the necessity of going viral and instead, create a more polished, authentic social strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing – 19.5 hrs
  • SM Platforms Available, Profile DOs + DONTs, Content Creation, Brand Establishment, Social Media Failures, Measuring Analytics, Convert Goals to Sales, Handling Negativity, Best Practices

Master Artist + Esthetics Program

Specialize in Any Part of the Makeup Industry.

Enroll in the Master Artist + Esthetics Program and become a desired and diverse artist in the makeup industry. Master Program students will be able to learn all of the core competencies as a makeup artist, how to build a bridal business, how to differentiate their style for media purposes, and learn to create monsters and trauma pieces in our Special FX courses. The entire program is enhanced with the inclusion of our Content Creator Certification.


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$2,500 +tax


850 hrs
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