Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup

The esthetics program for aspiring special fx makeup artists.

The Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup provides you with the most well-rounded education to enter the career world of Esthetics and become an Expert Makeup Artist!


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600 hrs


Full or Part time

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Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup Schedule

Full Time: M-F, 9a-3:30p (Approximately 5 months to complete)

Part Time: M-Th, 5p-9:30p (Approximately 9 months to complete)

Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup

Specialize in Any Part of the Makeup Industry.

Enroll in the Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup and become a desired and diverse artist in the makeup and esthetics industry. Expert Esthetic Program students will be able to learn all of the core competencies as a makeup artist, how to build a bridal business, how to differentiate their style for media purposes, and learn to create monsters and trauma pieces in our Special FX courses.

Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup Curriculum


The core of the Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup is designed to provide the student with extensive knowledge on facial, lash, brow and makeup services.  Throughout the program students will be exposed to a variety of skin textures, colors, and firmness to gain industry experience and be prepared to service any client. Students will learn the art of brow design, and enhancements that you see featured in most beauty salons. Lash services and extensions are also included to eliminate any additional classes post graduation.

  • Extensive Facial Knowledge
  • Extensive Facial Anatomy
  • Brow Design
  • Brow Laminating
  • Brow Henna
  • Lash Perm
  • Lash Tint
  • Lash Extensions
  • Spray Tanning
  • Face and Body Waxing

Beauty Makeup Fundamentals

This comprehensive makeup portion of the program has been designed to assist students in becoming a Professional Makeup Artist. The course curriculum contains the fundamentals of any makeup application. Upon program completion students will be able to offer both beauty and bridal makeup as part of their service menu.

  • Sanitation
  • Color Theory
  • Placement
  • Correction
  • Temporary Lashes
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Contouring
  • Consults

Advanced Beauty Makeup

After learning the fundamentals of the fundamentals of makeup application students are ready for more advanced makeup techniques. This course builds on what students already learned, but provides them with advanced skills to be able to service advanced client requests and challenges. With this next level training students will learn makeup for all genres.

  • Airbrush for Beauty
  • Mature Techniques
  • Age Appropriate Techniques
  • Foundation Building
  • Shading Techniques
  • Reverse Contouring
  • Two Tier Contouring
  • Corrective
  • Transformative

Bridal Makeup

In addition to learning all the fundamentals of a beauty makeup application, students will also learn a variety of bridal looks to assist in developing a bridal clientele or bridal business. Students will learn how to conduct successful bridal consultations and create a customized look based on their clients traditions, style, weather conditions, wedding venue and overall appearance.

  • Classic Styles
  • South Asian Styles
  • Middle Eastern Styles
  • Waterproofing
  • Dramatic Trends
  • Vintage
  • Bump Ups
  • Kit Necessities
  • Consultations

Commercial/Editorial Makeup

This course is a compilation of skills needed to work on photo shoots, ad campaigns, editorial spreads, commercial shoots and runway shows. Students will learn the difference between inspiration and imitation, the pioneers of Avant Garde looks, how to conceptualize their designs, and how to incorporate unusual products into their makeups.

  • Clean Beauty Shoots
  • Runway
  • Men’s Grooming
  • On Location Shoots
  • Androgyny
  • Beauty Stories
  • Photoshoots
  • 3-D Design Elements
  • Conceptual Imager
  • Vintage Beauty
  • Avant Garde Makeup

Film + Special FX Makeup

This course consists of realistic trauma, character makeup, creature makeup, and  special fx modalities. Students will learn out of the kit effects while learning the best techniques for 3D transfers along with silicone and slab mold making. The principles for designing, application, and coloring techniques will be taught through hands-on appliance creation and painting.

  • Bruising  + Trauma
  • Foundation Application for HD
  • Old age for HD
  • Prosthetic Teeth
  • Conceptual Design for Film
  • Character Design for Film
  • Creature Makeup
  • Life Casting
  • Prosthetic Teeth Casting
  • Multiple Piece Mold Making
  • Sculpting + Mold Making
  • Creating + Applying Prosthetic Appliances
  • Film Set Etiquette

Business Courses

Business I

Developing your skills as a professional stylist and makeup artist is equally important to learning the business of the service industry. Students will learn the fundamentals of business and how to develop their own brand, portfolio, website, marketing campaigns and operations. Upon graduation students will have a startup business ready to embark on and their careers can begin.

  • Business Startup
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Contracts
  • Service Menu
  • Client Forms
  • Consultations

Business II

This course focuses on building salon clientele and freelance bridal clientele. Students will learn how to create contacts, budgets, service menus, processes and procedures and assess profit and loss scenarios.

  • Bridal Contracts
  • Menu of Services
  • Legal Documents
  • Client In-Take Forms
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills

Business III

In this course students will be equipped with the knowledge to determine the differences between trade versus paid work, how to understand and negotiate commercial rates, learn photo-shoot etiquette in order to effectively work with talent, work with creative teams and high profile clients.

  • Commercial Rates
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Agency Contracts
  • Studio Etiquette


Business IV

This course equips the student with an understanding of how to navigate through and establish rapport in industry networking in order to book work. A review of deal memos, film set etiquette, budgeting, and script breakdowns make this course integral in order to secure work as a film and special fx artist.

  • Business of Film
  • Budget Proposals
  • Industry Networking
  • Script Breakdowns


Content Creator

Students will learn the fundamentals of content creation, photography, videography, and editing to assist with creating and posting on their personal or business social media platforms. Upon graduation students will know how to capture and edit professional images and be equipped with the skills to build a professional digital portfolio.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editing
  • Lighting Styles
  • Equipment Modes
  • Retouching
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • GIMPshop
Rachael BurtRachael Burt
17:22 20 Oct 22
My time at MMA was priceless, I learned so much more than I expected. I signed up for the FX program but got a full well rounded education in beauty, media, wedding and avant garde makeup. Since graduation I've returned several times just too see everyone and make some latex foams masks for different projects, this school will forever support me in my endeavors and they have proven that to me. I recommend this school to anyone interested in makeup at any level.
17:04 26 Aug 22
Kind people. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you might have. They perform an array of services at great prices. If you're coming in for a wax and it's your first time or you have very sensitive skin like mine, I strongly recommend requesting the hard wax. I came here for a wax, haircut and eyelash lift. Will be returning!
Bree DallasBree Dallas
20:32 17 Aug 22
I had a wonderful experience. I had a hair cut and a hair treatment by Jasmine. She was down to earth and very professional. Her ability to learn and accept critique from her instructor was impeccable. I would recommend this salon to everyone!
Grace SzuchGrace Szuch
16:46 16 Aug 22
I messed up my hair pretty badly trying to cut my own curtain bangs. I came here and Jasmine worked on my hair. She was soooo nice and made sure to keep a conversation going to make the time go by fast. She did an amazing job and I absolutely love how my hair turned out. 10/10 would recommend going to Jasmine if you need a haircut!!
Irma CoakleyIrma Coakley
19:02 11 Aug 22
Big Shout-out to the service and staff at MMA. Especially Ben, who did an amazing job perming my hair today. I would highly recommend MMA for their excellent variety of services, fair prices, impeccable customer service and knowledgeable instructors and students.
Michelle RhodesMichelle Rhodes
13:29 09 Aug 22
The services were amazing. The tech -Kristin simms did a very thorough job and was professional as well. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my service. The facility was clean and the staff was very friendly
Cheri GrahamCheri Graham
00:04 16 Jun 22
I am a recent graduate of the esthetics program. I also have taken all of the makeup courses. Beyond the fact that the establishment is aesthetically pleasing its also current on the modalities used for beauty services. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a true pleasure it was having my instructor. From the very first day when I arrived in her class, she made me feel welcomed and like I could accomplish everything I'm setting out to do. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and more than willing to share all the knowledge that she has gathered through her years in the “business”. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that students are well prepared for their new career. I’d also like to comment on the rest of the staff. Everyone is incredibly warm and understanding of all issues that we “older” students may come across. The flexibility and empathy are wonderful assets and greatly appreciated.
Jessica SchwartzJessica Schwartz
16:20 09 Jun 22
My experience at the academy has been exceptional. I was a transfer student from a previous school. I chose to transfer because I was looking for a 400 hour program. The staff and educators at the academy are extremely approachable and supportive. I would say the academy is great for esthetics students wanting to learn additional services, makeup, waxing, lash extensions, lifts, and brow laminations. This is a great spot for students looking to offer a wide range of services.
Sarah Butt (Bug)Sarah Butt (Bug)
17:43 10 May 22
I love the staff and students here! I’ve modeled for them many times and have made many friends but having an appointment with them is a whole different ballgame. Everyone is so laid back yet professional; I’d go here for professional treatment any day!
Angelina ruggeriAngelina ruggeri
14:47 10 May 22
I have been a part of the MMA community for three years now. I have taken every makeup course and just recently graduated from esthetics. I fell in love with the campus and staff almost immediately. If you're looking for an extensive education in beauty and/or wellness I highly recommend. You will build close friendships, learn valuable lessons in your field of choice, and walk out the door with more knowledge than you entered with! If you're considering Multimedia Makeup Academy, take it from me... its genuinely the best decision I have ever made!!
Geraldin VillafañeGeraldin Villafañe
14:33 10 May 22
Had a lash lifting done with Marie. She did an amazing job. Products that were used were great too.I loved the results
Kate KaneKate Kane
21:32 21 Apr 22
I recently visited MMA as a guest speaker and had a lovely experience. The staff and students were warm, welcoming and excited to have me. The facility is beautiful, clean and very modern. I've been an esthetician and educator for many years and am very familiar with the ins and outs of a great school. I would encourage anyone interested in Esthetics, Cosmetology, or Makeup to check out this school!
dawn seriodawn serio
20:56 21 Apr 22
With the service I received, and the professionalism I was met with, I thought that I was at a high end salon spa!My facials (yes, I had several) were relaxing, calming, and brought to life softer and more healthy skin. I learned about the effects of environment and age on the delicate facial skin, and was given some pointers/tips/instruction on how to maintain while at home and while doing my own skincare routine.Angelina was amazingly thorough, gentle, attentive, and quite professional. I highly recommend her if your skin is in need of “health”. I thought the questionnaire was a nice into as to a treatment plan, and if there were any sort of nut allergy…alternate products would be used; that was a nice touch!If you are on the fence about coming here - I say do not hesitate! You’re receiving top notch & professional services by some of the best and brightest of our up and coming estheticians !
John WhiteJohn White
20:27 21 Apr 22
First facial was fantastic, now after my facial I am a regular.The atmosphere is Awesome.
Maria PapandreouMaria Papandreou
22:54 07 Apr 21
I am a recent graduate of MMA and cannot give higher praise for my experience with staff and learning here. Not only are they incredibly accommodating, understanding, and knowledgable, they truly do care about their students and strive to create an open and artistic environment. It is a very fun experience and great place to connect with others. I graduated during the beginning of COVID, and even in uncertain times, I felt like a priority as a student. I would highly recommend for anyone with a creative itch, love of makeup, and thirst for hands on knowledge. One instructor even let me help assist her on a bridal job for professional experience. Opportunity, help, and professional advice is abundant--they want to help you succeed here. Everyone I encountered from staff was truly wonderful. It also seems to be a school continuing to expand what they offer in teaching and adapting.Thank you MMA!
Keri campbellKeri campbell
16:20 05 Apr 21
I have been a student/alumni of MMA since 2016. Gradually over the years I have watched the school grow tremendously. Taking over a new learning space has been such an incredible improvement. We are given the proper course materials and knowledge needed to make it into this industry. As you know it can be very competitive. But within the community at MMA it is not like that. We want the best for eachother and everyone is always there to provide help, feedback, or pass along jobs. No matter what you are taken care of. The instructors and the school administrator-Brandi will always make sure you are on track and where you need to be. I could not recommend the school enough. Without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge or confidence to be in the place that I am today.
Christine LafondChristine Lafond
03:21 02 Dec 20
This school changed my life! The sense of community and encouragement that the instructors emphasize to each student is huge! Also their endless support for alumni even years after graduation is unmatched.
Alyssa OsosAlyssa Osos
19:55 01 Dec 20
Multimedia Makeup Academy is an amazing school that offers the latest and greatest education to get you started in the makeup industry. They offer a wide variety of classes to help you navigate learning proper sanitation, makeup techniques and business ethics and etiquette. They have a ton of resources to help you get volunteer and job opportunities. I am so glad I decided to get my education here.
Lizzy BarretteLizzy Barrette
23:18 09 Nov 20
This place is amazing! The staff and the students are all so nice and very helpful! It’s a safe place to be yourself and to ask questions when you need to. And you learn a lot in a short amount of time!
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How do you become a sought
after expert esthetician and special fx makeup artist?

1. Application Process

Submit your application fee of $100 and complete the application form.

2. Admissions Review

Schedule an virtual or on-campus admissions meeting.

3. Acceptance

After the application process and admissions review a determination will be made.

4. Enrollment Meeting

An Admissions Advisor will contact you to discuss final details including enrollment deadlines and expectations.

Easy Financing Available for the Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup


Apply for the Expert Program of Esthetics + Special FX Makeup

Please note, in order to access the application form, you will first have to submit the $100 application fee. You will then be redirected to the application form. Once you complete your application, a Multimedia Makeup Academy representative will review your application and reach out to you for a virtual interview. We are grateful for your interest and look forward to speaking with you soon.