Social Merit Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is for those who are highly active on a social platform. One scholarship is awarded per person. Scholarships are designed for first time MMA students only.

What We Need From You:

  • Must submit a 3-5 minute video: Timelapse of makeup application with voice over answering the following:
    • Why is being/becoming a makeup artist or influencer important to you?
    • Why are you passionate about makeup and why do you believe you should be selected to attend the academy?
    • When creating your look please incorporate the theme “Whimsical Winter.”

Video Format:

  • Introduction stating your full name, and a brief explanation of your look. (approx. 1 minute)
  • Time lapse video of you creating the themed look with a voiceover. (approx. 1-3 minutes)
  • Explaining the makeup application process & answering the required questions.
  • A completed look should be presented at the end of the video with a recap of what it would mean to you if you were to be awarded the scholarship. (approx. 1 minute)

Prior to receiving the scholarship, the following conditions must have been met: 

  • Applied to MMA (Click here to apply) 
  • Submit application fee (Click here to submit fee)
  • Accepted to MMA 
  • Submitted deposit (Upon acceptance secure your spot with deposit) 

Other requirements include the following:

  • Must attended at least 1 virtual open house.
  • Must tag us in at least 3 of your own makeup posts.

Your work will be reviewed by a panel of professional artists. Other then the video itself, the panel will also be considering the following when choosing a winner:

  • Follower count
  • Must be posting makeup/creative content consistently
  • Must have recent postings
  • Must have consistent interaction (likes, comments etc.)

How to Submit

You MUST use the hashtag #MMASocialMerit and tag the academy accordingly when submitting your video to any or all of the three eligible social media accounts:

  • YouTube @MultimediaMakeupAcademy

  • Facebook @MultimediaMakeupAcademy

  • Instagram* @mmamakeupacademy

    • *If you choose Instagram please mention in the comments, “See link in bio to watch full video.”
    • Click here to see how to add a link in your bio.
    • The judges will ONLY evaluate your full video. 

Please Note:  If you do not have a social account, this is a perfect time to create one. If you are serious about a career in makeup this is crucial to have in order to grow your clientele or book work. Think of an Instagram account as a casual portfolio!

Submission Deadline:

Deadline for video submissions is November 29th! Winner announced within 24hours of the deadline. So if you are interested don’t wait!

In addition to submitting your video and tagging us on social media, you must complete this form.

Step 1

Choose the scholarship that best suits you.

Step 2

Read complete rules and guidelines below.

Step 3

Get creative and APPLY!

You could be awarded up to $2,500 towards your makeup education at Multimedia Makeup Academy.

The Multimedia Makeup Academy Advantage

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The Academy was built on the promise to not only provide you with the technical skills to become a successful makeup artist but to also teach the importance of good business. The Career Concierge will help align you with the right job opportunities by connecting you to employers seeking your specific skills.

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