Society of Benevolent Artists

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Who is The Society of Benevolent Artists (SBA)?

The Society of Benevolent Artists is a group of students and graduates who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  It is an extension of the culture you will find at The Academy that is supportive, creative, fun and benevolent. 

Members of the SBA help with community volunteering, fundraising events, local and national charities, and The Academy’s  gatherings. 

SBA will also concentrate on events that allow members to network, build friendships, try new things and partake in unadulterated fun! 

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Society of Benevolent Artists Mission

The Society of Benevolent Artists’ mission is to be a pillar of light to those who are in need of kindness, love and support. We are devoted to doing good deeds and helping others while encouraging others to do the same.

While the members of SBA work extremely hard to help our community they also find time to hang out and make new friends. You will find many events at The Academy hosted by SBA. The organization has been known to have Harry Potter themed parties, English tea parties, facials and spa nights, creative nights, and special holiday outings. We encourage all students to consider becoming a member of the SBA and help to spread kindness and benevolence in both their personal and professional lives.

Connect with The Society

The SBA is all about giving back to the community! If you have an organization or charity that is in need of our student’s services please reach out!