Top 5 Bold & Beautiful Makeup Trends For 2021

2021 makeup trends are dominating the world of makeup. If you thought last year’s trends were a surprise, wait until you see what’s hot in 2021! Something to keep in mind when it comes to makeup trends, is that they are always changing! Something that is in style one year may be completely out of style the next. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is a great way to stay ahead in the makeup industry.  Now let’s dive into the hottest trends to know for 2021.

#1 Slick Eyeliner 

stick eyeliner

With the continuation of mask wearing, it has become a prediction that intense eye makeup will remain a hot topic, especially eyeliner.  A slick eyeliner application can make us feel put together and assure you are looking fierce. The “cat eye” will be making a comeback in 2021 as well. Showing some expression in your eyeliner will make quite the statement this year.

#2 Colorful luscious lashes 

colorful eyelashes

That’s right COLORFUL! Many makeup brands are stocking their shelves with beautiful vibrant mascara and eye shadow colors. If you are unsure about this bold move, a great tip from celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern is to start with your color mascara then layer it with a black or brown mascara after. This will tone it down just enough if you’re not ready for such a bold look just yet. The longer the lashes the better. 2021 is all about those lash extensions. Vibrant colorful eyeshadow is also back, so no holding back when it comes to choosing your pallet.

Curious as to where to find some great lash colors? L’Oréal has some excellent colors, and at an affordable price too! 

#3 Stained Matte Lips 

matte lipstick

Less shimmer more matte! In 2020 everything was about shimmer. Now in 2021 we are seeing a shift to more subtle matte looks. Make sure you are doing plenty of blotting and blending when it comes to your lips. Hold off from the super liquid and shiny lipstick that easily rub off. In case you have to put on a mask you can choose a nice subtle matte lip that won’t come off in your mask. Time to stock up on long-wear lipstickStained red lipstick is a great look in 2021 meaning not heavy at all. Rather apply your red lips and blot it enough to give it a more natural and subtle look.

#4 Natural Complexion 

Natural Complexion

Your skin care routine just became a huge asset for 2021. Because it is all about rocking your natural skin, which means choosing a skin care routine that will leave it glowing. Or apply a natural foundation. Full coverage foundations are predicted to still do well, because some will want to cover imperfections fully. However, the natural look is getting a lot of attention. Light coverage is going to be seen more in 2021. To master this look check out Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection Foundation. Or use a subtle BB cream that adds a dewey translucent coverage. 

#5 Nostalgia

Some of our favorite looks we thought were dated forever are coming BACK!!! 2021 is bringing the bold 80’s red lipstick back! So rather than spending so much time on foundation and contouring, focus on a dewey and light foundation or BB cream and then put the rest of your efforts on your lips & eyes!

Graphic eyeliner was a huge trend in the 1960’s and is back in style. This makeup trend made a huge impact in the makeup industry, it is thrilling to see it come back in 2021. A lot of celebrities are already implementing these nostalgic looks in their appearances.

If you have any questions on how to create a certain look you can ask MMA. If you plan on starting your future in makeup this year, we are happy to guide you in the right direction. This will be an excellent year to get involved in the makeup industry as things are changing for the better! 

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