Top 6 Latest Must-Have Makeup Products for 2022

Looking to add some new makeup products to your collection? Good news! Sephora has already released a lot of new makeup products this year. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to decide which makeup products you want to invest in. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 must-have makeup products from Sephora’s latest additions. Read on to find out which makeup products you need to add to your collection!

Rare Beauty Bronzer by Selena Gomez

Image: bronzer stick standing upright
Image: bronzer stick standing upright

To start our list off, we have a brand new Warm Wishes Bronzer Stick from celebrity Selena Gomez’s makeup line Rare Beauty. It’s no secret Rare Beauty makeup products have been very successful and well-received, and this new bronzer stick is no different. Coming in 5 different shades, this deep bronze has golden undertones that bring a radiant warmth to your face. What’s great about this bronzer is how simple it is to apply: just swipe and blend for a quick and easy sun-kissed glow.

The Rare Beauty bronzer stick has no parabens and is vegan. It also boasts a long wear time even with its light coverage. Reviews brag at the ease at which this makeup product blends into the skin! Ringing up at $23 at Sephora, this new makeup product from Rare Beauty is worth every cent. With such simplicity and ease, it’s no wonder this bronzer stick made it to our list of makeup product must-haves.

Rouge Lip Balm by Dior

image: open pink Dior lipstick tube next to its lid
Image: open pink Dior lipstick tube next to its lid

Next up is the new Rouge Lip Balm from Dior. This lip balm comes in 9 different shades in either matte or satin finishes. It also includes the shade “Dior Natural” for those who don’t want a tinted lip balm. The Rouge Lip Balm is super hydrating; it was made with red peony, which protects and hydrates lips, and with pomegranate flower, which smooths and softens lips. It can be worn on its own for a hydrating splash of color, or as a hydrating primer to wear under your favorite lipsticks. The price is a bit hefty at $39, but with the healthy hydrating benefits and its flexibility between lip gloss and primer, it’s worth the investment as a must-have makeup product for the new year.

Mini Light Reflecting Setting Powder by NARS

image: open NARS powder container
Image: open NARS powder container

Interested in a new setting powder to help keep your makeup flawless throughout the day? NARS has just released a Mini Light Reflecting Setting Powder that creates a soft-focus effect with its light reflection. It’s noted to work well for those who will be on camera with NARS’ Photochromic Technology, so it’s great for selfie-taking. This makeup product is made with glycerin and vitamin E to help keep skin hydrated and comfortable under your makeup.

The Light Reflecting Setting Powder comes in a smaller size to keep it affordable, compact, and easy for storage and travel. It’s also paraben-free and vegan. With its powdery lightness, this makeup product is super easy to apply. Cashing in at $18, you can achieve a photo-ready finish with NARS Light Reflecting Setting powder, one of the top must-haves of the year so far.

Mini Garden Party Eye Brush Set by Sephora

Image: floral makeup brushes against their package
Image: floral makeup brushes against their package

While not a makeup product itself, it’s a must-have tool for applying your makeup products. Sephora’s Collection just added a super cute new item: the Mini Garden Party Eye Brush Set. With four brushes of different sizes and shapes, this eye brush set is perfect for your makeup needs. With it being a mini set, it’s a perfect size for travel in case you need on-the-go touchups during a long day out or at an event. The floral design on each brush just adds to the list of why this eye brush set is a must-have for your eye makeup products. They’re simple and cute, and they’re bound to look good and stand out among your other makeup brushes. These vegan and cruelty-free brushes are only $15 at Sephora. Who doesn’t love aesthetically pleasing and affordable makeup tools? That’s why the Garden Party Eye Brush Set is an absolute must-have!

Afterglow Lip Shine Gloss by NARS

Image: open pink NARS lip gloss tube
Image: open pink NARS lip gloss tube

Another great makeup product for your lips is NARS Afterglow Lip Shine Gloss. With dozens of rave reviews mere weeks after release, we had to include this on our must-have makeup products for the new year! Coming in 10 different colors with a high shine finish. NARS Afterglow Gloss sits comfortably on your lips while simultaneously hydrating them and providing a beautiful finish. The gloss itself isn’t sticky, and it easily glides on to last at least 8 hours on your lips. It’s especially good for those who don’t want a bold lip look, but it can also be paired with a lip liner to really bring out the glowing shine your lips will have with this makeup product.

With pomegranate extract for nourishing hydration and raspberry seed oil with vitamin E, your lips will always be smooth and soft with this lip gloss. It is also fragrance-free. So if you’re sensitive to smells and may not be able to use a lot of other lip products, then this one is perfect for you. While $26 may seem like a lot for a lip gloss, it’s more than worth the shining hydration your lips will love.

Iridescent Makeup Eraser Kit by Sephora

Image: colorful fabric makeup wipes and scrunchie
Image: colorful fabric makeup wipes and scrunchie

Finally, our 6th must-have makeup product is Sephora’s Iridescent Makeup Erasers. If you haven’t tried makeup erasers before, now is the perfect time to try this must-have. The set includes 7 washable and reusable makeup erasers. Each eraser comes in a different color tie-dye design, and the set includes a matching scrunchie to hold your hair back while removing your makeup. These makeup erasers wipe makeup off on one side, and the other helps exfoliate. We recommend these for personal use only, and it’s best to wash each eraser after every use to maintain good sanitation practices. These limited edition Sephora Makeup Erasers are $25 for a set of 7 erasers, but you’ll get more than your money’s worth with them as they can be washed and reused up to 1,000 times.

Aspiring makeup artists could greatly benefit from these waste-reducing makeup erasers while they practice makeup application. In fact, each product on our top 6 latest must-have makeup products would be great for any aspiring artists to try and to learn from. At Multimedia Makeup Academy of Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Special FX students can receive a comprehensive makeup education paired with their choice of licensure in either Esthetics or Cosmetology. Experimenting and trying new products is a great way to expand one’s makeup product horizons, especially as a makeup student at Multimedia Makeup Academy.

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