Top Five Costume Ideas To Incorporate Your Face Mask Into This Year

Five Costume Ideas That Look Great With a Mask!

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Come rain or shine aspiring & professional makeup artists always make sure the show goes on!!! This year due to the uncertain global circumstances we find ourselves having to take certain safety precautions as Halloween creeps around the corner. Multimedia Makeup Academy came up with some excellent ideas to incorporate your masks into your Halloween costume. Utilizing different makeup applications and creativity, we came up with several great Tips & Tricks. Through our wide variety of students here at the academy our ideas were flowing. Whether they are enrolled in Core, Media, Special FX or the Master Program, everyone brought great ideas to the table. After narrowing it down we have selected 5 awesome costume ideas that include a decked out face mask.

Before jumping into these great costume ideas there is another factor that comes into play. Now that masks are mandatory for most settings our eyes are the primary focus! Want to complete your costume with the best eye look? Do you have questions on how to do it? If so visit our Ask MMA page where our makeup instructors will answer any makeup related questions. Keep in mind we also have special effects instructors! Make sure your wounds, scabs, witches’ worts, bruises & more all look real this Halloween! Simply Ask MMA.

#1 Cowgirl/Cowboy

Yeehaw!!! The classic cowgirl costume is always a hit during halloween festivities. If applying makeup is not your forte this costume is perfect for you. This year there is no need to fear! You can be safe & still be your best cowgirl or cowboy. Simply utilize the bandana you normally would wear around your neck & pull over your mouth and nose. You can find your bandana here. This will act as a mask & let’s be honest, it looks super cute!

cowgirl mask 1

#2 Warrior

warrior mask dirt
Smiling warrior woman holds bow. Isolated on a grey background.

Enhance your best warrior costume with a matching mask! This particular costume would look fierce with a leather mask, find it here! This fits perfect with the amor and creates a strong look. Complete the look with some dirt and grime makeup application. Not sure how to get this particular makeup look? Simply Ask MMA. Times like these all have us channeling our inner warrior, so make it the best one yet!

#3 Zombie Surgeon

Want a helpful tip in creating blood that looks REAL! Here is our way of perfecting the zombie surgeon costume. Add that spooky quality to your look with artificial blood. We have provided two awesome DIY blood recipes we are sharing with you! Splashing this on your mask can add that extra spunk to your costume. Find a plain surgeon mask here. Then complete the look by adding the gory details. ; )

zombie surgeon mask

DIY Blood Recipe #1

acrylic blood 1

Acrylic Paint Blood:
1/4 teaspoon red acrylic craft paint1/16 teaspoon green acrylic craft paint  1 teaspoon acrylic gloss varnish. Pros: Dries completely and has no stickiness. Cons: May not look as realistic as the corn syrup recipe

DIY Blood Recipe #2

corn syrup blood 2

Corn Syrup Blood: 1 teaspoon corn syrup1/16 teaspoon red food coloring1 dash green red food coloring. Pros: Looks realistic  Cons: Dries sticky and will attract bugs in warm weather

#4 Sugar Skull

sugar skull mask 2

How do you incorporate a mask into a sugar skull costume you ask? Easy! Here’s what we did! You can find a skeleton mask here in a variety of colors and styles. Then you can match your makeup to your mask creating a complete look! If you are stuck on how to apply a certain makeup technique visit Ask MMA.

#5 Masquerade

Looking for a more formal costume? A masquerade ball is all about covering up your identity! So let’s take it a step further with a bedazzled mask. You can get your mask here! Simply select the color that fits your costume best. Finish the costume off with a fierce smokey eye look.

glitter mask 2

Create Your Own Special FX Mask!

Get step by step instructions on how to create a special FX theme mask. We want to see what you come up with! If you complete this mask send us your final masterpiece to [email protected] & get a chance to present your work on our social media platforms.

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