Viral TikTok Makeup Hacks: Professional Makeup Artists Review

TikTok makeup video tutorials have become quite the rage, but are they correct when it comes to makeup application? Do they actually work? Two professional makeup artists took the time to review these trending hacks and provided their input. Let’s hear what Brandi and Christina from Multimedia Makeup Academy had to say about these 5 viral TikTok makeup hacks. Keep a look out for professional tips and tricks they prefer as well!

TikTok Foundation Hack


  1. Moisturize face
  2. Add translucent powder all over face
  3. Spray your Setting spray – Let dry 
  4. Add you Primer
  5. Add your foundation

The purpose of this hack is to have long lasting no crease foundation all day long. Let’s see what the pros say regarding this application hack. 

Brandi: “It is a proven fact that layers of makeup help increase longevity. Using products to prep and set the face provides security as well.” 

Christina: “While it is true that thin layers of makeup increase longevity, I would recommend against this hack as it is not suitable for all skin types. Powering moisturizer before it has had time to completely soak in and then setting with a spray is a recipe for disaster on textured or dry skin.”

To conclude, yes this could work for longevity, however, is NOT a suitable application for all skin types. 

TikTok Concealer Face Lift Hack


  1. Place your concealer at the inner and outer part of the eye (Rather than placing under your eye directly.)
  2. Blend upward

The purpose of this hack is to add a lifted affect to your face. Brandi and Christina were in complete agreement on this TikTok makeup hack.

Brandi:  “Way too much concealer in being used. Yes, this will add a lifted affect, however, too much concealer will look wrinkly and cakey. Placing the concealer on the outer part of the eye is great, however, if your eyeshadow is blended too far down on the outer corner of the eye, the lift effect will disappear.”

Christina: “This hack is correct regarding placement. Where it goes south is in how much concealer is used… it’s too much.” 

Therefore, this is a good hack, just make sure you use the correct amount of concealer, as a lot goes a long way.

TikTok Hack To avoid a Flaky Patchy Nose Later In The Evening


  1. Prime your nose 
  2. Add a thick creamy layer of concealer to your entire nose till covered. 
  3. Blend foundation over it. 

This TikTok makeup hack is used to avoid a patchy/flaky nose. There seems to be a better alternative for this specific hack.  

Brandi: “Almost everything that is thick looks a little over caked if not applied in small amounts/layers. Full coverage is the objective it seems. Skin type, texture and product formulation are all factors in this or any other hack working.”

Christina: “I think it’s best to remember that what works for one person, will not always work for another. If your foundation is separating on your nose, it’s a better idea to switch to a different formulation rather than layer even more product on top. Better yet, look into oil control moisturizers and primers because that is most likely the culprit: oil.” 

TikTok Eyebrow Hack Using a Bar of Soap


  1. Spray brow brush with any facial mist 
  2. Rub brow brush on bar of soap until lathered
  3. Brush brows 
  4. Fill in brows

The purpose of this hack is to direct your eyebrows to the desired shape and make them slick. Apparently, this is a hack that has been around for a long time! See what the professionals say about this TikTok makeup hack.

Brandi: “This hack definitely works. In fact, there is a company called West Barn Co. that created a product specifically for this, which is glorified soap! Though they are slick to the skin, this is a safe, great alternative to the chemical process of brow lamination, which is a method of perming/straightening the brow hair to create this type of look.”

Christina: “This is a very old hack that pro muas have been using for a very long time. It definitely works for holding brows up into position, provided that they are long enough.”

TikTok Eye Shadow/Lip Liner Hack


  1. Apply lip gloss 
  2. Apply liquid lipstick
  3. Dip liner brush into eye shadow color of your choice 
  4. Outline lips blend by blotting lips together 

The purpose of this hack is to get the perfect color liner (In this case eye shadow) and blend. Let’s see what Christina and Brandi think.

Brandi: “I think this is good for someone who doesn’t have a steady hand. Applying lip gloss before a liquid lipstick is intended to keep the lips hydrated. However, lip gloss can inhibit the longevity of the liquid lipstick. The idea of hydrating the lips first is a good idea, but I prefer chapstick. It’s a great way to keep the product and lips from drying out.”

Christina: “Many artists and enthusiasts have used shadow to shade on top of cream when they don’t have liner and it isn’t applicable to just the lips. You can do this with the eyes and when creating face art or optical illusions.” 

There you have it! A full run down of some of these viral TikTok makeup hacks. MMA’s professional makeup artists have given their perspective on these, however, something else they mentioned is that these video hacks are in no way a substitution for professional makeup training.

If you are considering a professional makeup career DO NOT rely on individuals who are casually applying makeup at home and applying it how THEY see fit. There are actual processes crucial to when applying makeup at a professional level.  As well as sanitation standards. Therefore, if pursuing an education in makeup be sure to apply to a reputable makeup school that will teach you the techniques, processes, and sanitation standards that are required in the makeup industry. To learn more about where to get a professional makeup education you can do so through this link

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