Virtual Open House

Everything you need to know to kickstart your career as a professional makeup artist

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To become a sought-after makeup artist, you have to master the art and business of the makeup industry.

But the problem is

Most makeup enthusiasts don’t get the right training, coaching, and career guidance to support them throughout their journey and to assist them in becoming distinguished makeup artists.

Multimedia Makeup Academy offers aspiring makeup professionals everything they need to become sought-after makeup artists.

Step 1

Register for the Virtual Open House

Join us for a virtual info session hosted by our admissions advisor, featuring a graduate from MMA, and a live Q&A session.

Step 2

Learn first hand what it takes to become a sought after makeup artist

Get a sneak-peek into student life at Multimedia Makeup Academy and our comprehensive makeup programs.

Step 3

Make an informed decision

Our virtual open house sessions are designed to inform you on which program choice is the right fit for your goals and future in makeup artistry.

The Multimedia Makeup Academy Advantage

How we equip our students to build the makeup career of their dreams:


Mastery of the essentials

Curriculum designed to combine skill and technique with creativity and inspiration to strengthen your unique brand and style.


Hands on training

From beauty to Special Effects Makeup, you'll get hands-on training and exposure to our talented professional instructors.


Career concierge

The Academy was built on the promise to not only provide you with the technical skills to become a successful makeup artist but to also teach the importance of good business. The Career Concierge will help align you with the right job opportunities by connecting you to employers seeking your specific skills.

"I just finished a feature film."

"This was not only the artistry, but it teaches you how to combine your artistry with your business"